It is the policy of the company to :

  • Manufacture of high quality product and performance, and accompanying service to the customer.
  • Think for the customer oriented that is satisfied with our product and performance.

To achieve these objectives, the company will ensure that :

  • All employees have been trained to QA system or instruction as may be necessary to personnel at all level.
  • All personnel shall be required to work in accordance with the procedure detailed in Quality Manual.
  • Quality Standard have been perform to specified a product.
  • All incident where Quality falls below the required standard are investigated, reported, and preventive action taken against repetition immediately.

Quality is mainly determined by people, therefore quality is directly dependent on the attitude and mentality of all employee.

Our principle is that “Quality can always be improve”. It is expected that anyone to be associate with the manufacturing process, and involve in establishing and controlling the quality of products. Quality can only be achieved if the customer is satisfied with our products and performance, therefore the Quality will continuous to be mainstay of the Company Policy.