Tomokazu Taniguchi

PT. Harmonics Techindo Agung is Company between KOWA DENZAI  SHA Ltd, Japan and Indonesia. The company was established in 1992 as a Producer of high quality wire harness products.

With the technical support of our mother company KOWA DENZAI SHA Ltd. Japan, which has been experienced since 1975 in producing Wire Harness and also supported by the complete and full automatic machinery of various sorts and the support from a team of employee with high dedication and loyalty to the company, we are fully committed to fulfil our customers satisfaction and to reach an uncompromised product quality. This is achieved by paying attention to customer wishes, understanding their needs and by consistently producing and delivering goods which really meet their requirement.

Our company has a balance with nature to maintain harmony in good working relationship between companies, customers and suppliers.

In line with our company name “ Harmonics “ which means “ Harmony”, we always strive to maintain close and mutual respect between the company and the employees to achieve a strong and solid teamwork.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) at PT. Harmonics Techindo Agung made for a business continuity plan significantly reduced disruption costs because there was one incident; Having a business continuity plan allows unacceptable risks to be insured; Reduces impact and likelihood of failure; Creates competitive and advantage; Increase confidence in the failure.