We are PT Harmonics Techindo Agung, stated our environment policy, due to all company’s activities and environment rules occurred in wire harness & solenoid production.


  1. Obedient of law and regulation for prevent environment damages and always create planning of goals and internal targets concerning to environment of manufacturing processes, delivering and company’s activities.
  2. Arranging training and reviewing every target of environment, purposing to get improvement continuously.
  3. Reducing and minimizing usage of hazardous chemical substances which contain in raw materials, supporting materials, although packing materials and packing finish goods.
  4. Reducing industrial wastes with doing recycling processes.
  5. Emphasize to minimize natural resources as part of production increasing and usage of all resources efficiently in all department.
  6. Reducing environment impacts which caused by our location and influence our surroundings to protect comforting local community.
  7. Giving contribution to all societies through social and environment activities.

This management policy will inform and communicate to all employees of PT Harmonics Techindo Agung, to implemented and can be known by related persons and all societies