The objective of HTA’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy is to guide stakeholders, including employees, on the elements that drive the conduct of PT HTA’s business. The way HTA does business reflects its commitment to profitable growth, sustainable development and integrity. The company’s policies continue to promote fair and ethical dealings with customer and competitors as a matter of law and conscience.

In order to achieve the objective, PT. HTA to define CSR Policies as below :

  1. To provide the high level safety products by application UL Safety standard.
  2. To ensure all business activities to meet the environmental, safety and health regulation and other relevant requirements and to support biological diversity.
  3. To develop and use the product and packaging materials based on green and safety design concept.
  4. To reduce the emission of pollutant, the consumption of natural and energy resources, and to minimize the safety & health risk by continual improvement of manufacturing process, working environment and equipment used. It is Company policy that all principal manufacturing sites area ISO 14001 accredited.
  5. To find out the potential risk, and reduce them to a tolerable level.
  6. To enhance operational management and personnel training to eliminate accidents, prevent pollution and avoid injury and illness.
  7. To communicate pertinent labor, ethic, environmental, safety and health information to employees, customer, contractors and visitors.
  8. To strictly prohibit corruption, extortion, embezzlement, improper advantage, inhumane treatment in any form regarding business integrity and corporate governance.
  9. PT. HTA is committed to offering equal opportunities to all people without discrimination as to race, sex, nationality, ethnic or national origin, language, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or disability.
  10. PT. HTA does not tolerate harassment in the workplace in any form and remunerates fairly with respect to skill, performance, competitors and local market conditions.
  11. To ensure disclose information regarding its business activities, structure, financial situation, performance or intellectual property rights regarding to product and technology in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and prevailing industry practices.
  12. To continually improve employee hiring, wages, benefits and working conditions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  13. To provide capable of aid and support to meet the requirements based on community benefits.